Reservation and Buying Process

Buying your new home is an important step. Let us help you get to grips with the essentials.

Reserving your home


You’ve found it! It’s exactly what you want. But before you start telling all your friends and family, remember to tell us first by contacting our experienced sales team or local agent so that we can take it off the market.  We’ll freeze the price, and ask you to pay a reservation fee, which we’ll deduct from the purchase price.



You’ll need a solicitor


Soon after that, we’ll exchange contracts. That’s when you pay the deposit. At this stage, you should have a solicitor acting for you. If you don’t already have one, ask for recommendations from your friends or ask our sales team. Make sure that the one you choose is approved by the Law Society, and ask for a written estimate of all their fees, including conveyancing, searches, land registry fees, stamp duty and VAT, before you engage them. This is normal practice. 


Brookland also works with Yourkeys, which allows you to reserve your new home online at a time that suits you, instruct a conveyancer and manage the whole buying process from your mobile or computer. To find out more, visit our Yourkeys information page. Brookland highly recommends using this process as we see it as the future for the new home buying process.

Moving in

Before you move into your new home, we’ll finish building it. Obviously.

The further on we are in the process, the more accurately we’ll be able to give you a firm completion date, but even if we’ve only just started work we can tell you to within two months when you’ll be able to move in.

Then, as the work progresses, we’ll keep you informed. Just before we plaster the walls, we’ll confirm the month of completion. When we start painting, we’ll be able to narrow it down to a week provided that the gas, electricity and water are connected on schedule (that’s out of our control, unfortunately).

When the painting’s finished, we’ll get in touch with a final date and arrange for full legal transfer of ownership as soon as is practical after that. But even once the house is yours, we’ll still be on hand if you need us for anything.


To find out more about the reservation process, we have put together a guide. Please Click Here to download.